Egon is a dApp made to simplify user access to Tron Stake 2.0.
Save on transaction fees by renting energy.
Earn by staking TRX.
Participate by supporting a community driven Super Representative.
Increase utility of USTX ecosystem.

Renting energy:
  • Flexible duration: 1-7 days
  • Base price for 1 day, discount for longer periods
  • Up to 10% discount for USTX stake holders
  • Automatic order release at expiration
  • Security deposit of 1 day of energy cost and automatic refund of the recovered energy (up to 100%)

Earning on TRX deposits
  • Deposit TRX and get ERG in return at current exchange rate
  • ERG/TRX exchange rate will always increase, incorporating all system rewards
  • Up to 25% additional return for USTX stake holders, resulting in 100% share on energy sales
  • TRX are locked for a 15 days currently. Partial unlocking is allowed

All TRX staked in the contract will generate voting power. All votes will be cast to TuruGlobal SR

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